Monday, July 28, 2008

Utah and The Ranch

Hanging out with cousins at Christie's house

I feel like we have been gone forever! Well, we almost have, after three fun filled weeks with cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles on both sides we are back in San Diego. Our trip started with a great week at my moms house in Salt Lake with my sisters and their kids. We were able to hang out while the kids ran wild, what could be better? Then we headed up to Idaho to the ranch, which is always wonderful. There is no better place for a kid, they are able to roam all day catching frogs and snakes in the stream, fishing in the lake, swimming, jumping into the river, and playing with cousins all day and night. I love it too because I get to run every morning with my siblings, lay at the pool talking to family all day, eat way too much good food, and enjoy time with Brett and the kids. I love reminiscing with my family, laughing at old stories, and remembering my dad. I only wish Dad could be with us, that is the one thing that would make it truly perfect. It is really the best family reunion spot I could imagine. We love going to the ranch so much! Thanks Mom for a wonderful family vacation!

Playing in the stream with Dad

Carter was so proud of the fish he caught, he wanted us all to eat it for dinner. We were having hamburgers that night so we put in on the grill and ate some. Carter ate more of it than anyone, he was so pleased with himself!

We had a hard time getting the kids to bed at a decent hour because we didn't want to make them stop playing with their cousins. Each night at about 11:00 we would go put them to bed and then the adults would go back out to talk. We put Sam in his port a crib right next to Jacob and Carter's bed each night. When Brett and I would come in later to go to bed Sam was always out of his crib and in bed right between Jacob and Carter. We thought it was super funny, apparently Sammy didn't want to be in his crib when he could sleep with his brothers! He must have climbed out after we left and snuck in with them.

Seriously, I can't think of anything my boys would love more than catching frogs and snakes in a stream

My camera battery died after our first day at the ranch, so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. After the ranch we got to go stay with Eric and Laurie for a day, which we always love. The kids have so much fun playing together, it's so great to watch them. Cameron, Jacob and Carter make a great little threesome, as do Lukie, Adam and Sam. Brett and I had fun playing the Wii with Eric and Laurie, talking, watching baseball (Eric and Brett), and meeting Penny and Sally. They claim Penny is a guinea pig, but we know she's a groundhog, and a retarded one at that. I just love hanging out with them, Laurie is the best sister in law ever, I am super lucky to have her. She's such great friend, and I love talking with her, we stayed up way too late chatting, but it was totally worth it. I just wish we lived closer to them. We also got to have a few days at Brett's dad's house and we were able to see the rest of the Wimmer clan. We had a BBQ with the fam, hung out at Greg and Michelle's, and went up to the cabin to spend some time with Brian, Suzanne, Blue and her puppy Oscar. My kids were very excited to meet their newest dog cousin, child to Blue the fastest dog in the world! Thanks Brian and Suzanne we had a blast!
That about sums up our trip. Now it's back to summer here. We are going to try to take full advantage of the next few weeks by going to the beach and swimming tons! It was sad to say goodbye to our families as always, but we are happy to be home!


Laura said...

I'm always jealous of your family trips. You have such a great time!
I love your boys sleeping together, they are so cute.
How did Lola do while you were gone?
(it was great to play with you tonight1)

Jen said...

I love how close you are to all your family. The boys look adorable all sleeping together. I am feeling better. We should definitely get together for a run.

lisa said...

catching frogs and snakes in a stream? sounds like little boy heaven!!

Harper Family said...

What great memories for your kids. Some of my best memories growing up were time spent with my cousins.

Laurie said...

Penny, the retarded groundhog, misses you. As do I! Thanks for the shout out. It's weird to think that you've already come and gone.
We love you guys so much and wish that we got to see you more often. Thanks for coming to stay with us, we know you're busy when you come to Utah and are grateful for all the time we get you!