Wednesday, May 27, 2009

St. George

We took a weekend trip to St. George with the Wimmer family last weekend. It was fun to be together with everyone and for Natalie to get to meet her Wimmer side of the family. I love St. George so much, I love that my kids get to go rock climbing and hiking in Snow Canyon, things I never did as a kid. When I went to St. George growing up it was all about the pool, the kids do love to swim, but they get a lot more out of St. George than just the pool.

Most of all, I love watching my kids interact with their cousins, uncles and aunts, and grandparents. It was a fabulous trip for us all!

Jacob climbing

Carter climbing

Papa and Natalie

Thank goodness I brought my Nanny along. Everytime Natalie made a peep Laurie would pick her up, it made the trip a lot easier on me. Not only was she my Nanny, but also my partner for shopping, watching movies, Diet Coke runs (beetles and all), scouting out new frozen yogurt stores, good chats etc...I am so glad this chick is in my family, she makes it all more fun! When we first got there she announced she had brought some adult movies for us to watch, of course meaning non-kid movies, but we all got a laugh out of thinking she brought "Adult Movies."

It was a fun filled trip for us all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life with Four Kids

So this is what I have resorted to. Jacob had baseball from 4:30-7:00 and Scouts from 6:45-8:00, I know the time doesn't quite work out. We were at the baseball park from 4-7 where Sam completely ripped up his toe, maybe the kid should wear shoes? We had to race to Scouts to make the last half and Brett is in Anaheim watching the Red Sox. So, a delicious chicken dinosaur dinner with apples and peanut butter served in the bath while Natalie is attached to me in the Baby Bjorn so she doesn't scream her head off was my solution. It was a fabulous idea if I do say so myself, everyone is happy and we might even get to bed at a decent hour.

Natalie Louise

Sam always wants to be right by Natalie

Carter was so proud to show Natalie off at the Kindergarten Mothers Day Tea

Natalie's first Sunday at church

Natalie is growing everyday, and it's killing me. I remember with Jacob I wanted him to get bigger, I wanted him to sit up, roll over, crawl, walk, talk etc.....I was so excited for each new stage. With each baby I want them to stay little longer, this time I just want her to stay little forever.
Brett has taken to calling her Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way), which is usually a term of endearment he saves for himself, so he must really like her. He does, however, refuse to call her this while she's crying, because he thinks she has the worst cry ever. It is very high pitched and shrilly, but she is a girl after all! Jacob thinks having a baby is like having a pet, the highest compliment coming from Jacob. Carter can't stand for her to cry and he runs to pick her up the moment she makes a peep. Sam loves "his" baby as he calls her, especially while she's sleeping and he can climb on top of her. I don't think he's trying to suffocate her, but one can never be sure when it comes to Sam. We are all enjoying our baby Natalie, I just wish she could stay this way forever!
I do realize I need to change my blog name now that we are no longer Three Wimmer Boys, I just haven't gotten around to it. Someday, I am sure I will. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Paulsons and Nana

Stephanie, Emily and Sydney drove down the weekend before last to see Natalie. I am so grateful to have them close enough for a quick trip. They got to overlap with my mom for a few hours and we were able to have Sunday dinner together. It was a short but sweet visit!

I am lucky to have a sister with talents I don't have. She made these cute letters for Natalie's room. Thank you Steph!

The hardest part for me about having a baby is the day my mom leaves. I thought it was difficult when she left after Jacob was born, but it only seems to get harder with each child. Now not only am I crying on the way home from dropping her off at the airport, but all my kids are crying too. They all want to know why Nana had to go home, we all wish she could stay. Three days later Sam is still asking me every five minutes why Nana had to leave. Brett thinks she is the most helpful mother in law in the world, I agree. He says he wishes she could stay for a month, I wish it too. She did my laundry, bathed my baby, took me shopping, ordered take out (that's how my mom cooks best), talked and talked with me, took my kids to and from school, told bedtime stories, got my kids ready, let me sleep in. She played baseball with Carter, Blokus with Jacob and did puzzles with Sam. She got home at 8:00 Monday night and had to be at the temple by 4:00 the next morning. I wish she were still here, I wish she never had to go home, I miss my mom!

My niece Ashley came to see us this past Sunday. It was nice to have them down to spend a few hours and have Sunday dinner. I forgot to ever get my camera out for a picture, luckily they are coming back this weekend. Thanks for coming down Ash, Adam and Eli- I love having you guys close enough to get together from time to time!