Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Fun

I am so grateful that Santa takes the time to come to our ward Christmas party so that I don't have to fight the crowds with the mall Santa. Sam is very into Santa this year, and sadly Jacob is doing some doubting. He keeps asking how it's possible for reindeer to fly, and how Santa could make it all around the world in just one night. We try our best, telling him it's not actually one night because different parts of the world are on different times, so he actually has two nights. He's not sure Santa could even do it in two nights, but he is not willing to declare his unbelief completely because he does want that DS he asked for. Maybe we can get another year out of it. We love going to Bethlehem Village every year at the Presbyterian Preschool. The kids love the petting zoo, Llama rides and Hot Chocolate. They even do a live nativity and sing Christmas carols.

Jacob looks like he's taking a nap on the Llama, I hate when they close their eyes just as I snap the picture!

Sam loved chasing the sheep and goats, poor guys.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bound to happen....

A good black eye is bound to happen in a house with three boys, in fact I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner. We are lucky to not have any broken bones, yet. The boys were jumping on our bed on Saturday morning, hitting each other with pillows and trying to knock each other off. Brett told them this wasn't going to end well, and we left the room. Minutes later we heard a loud scream from Jacob, and sure enough, it didn't end well. Carter's head ended up on Jacob's eye leaving a huge goose egg, and now a pretty bad black eye. Poor Jacob is pretty embarrassed by it, he thinks it looks like he's wearing make up.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a Girl????

So we went in for our ultrasound today. We decided it would be fun to let Jacob and Carter come because they are so excited about the baby and have been betting on the sex. Jacob was betting boy, Carter wanted a boy, but thought it was a girl. Our ever so obliging (sarcasm) ultrasound tech is 90% sure that it's a girl. She doesn't see any boy parts and she is pretty sure she sees girl parts. I asked if I could move around to get a better picture, no luck, it was probably almost her lunch time. She had no patience for me. I told her I had to know 100%, I have three boys and if I am going to paint the baby room and buy clothes, I need to know. With Sam they couldn't tell for sure so they had me walk around, and then there it was plain as day. She was not willing to do that.

So, we are thinking girl, but with a little caution. I am going to ask my doctor to double check next week when I go in. I am thrilled about having a girl, but honestly I would have been happy with a boy too. In some ways I am sad to think Sam may be my last little boy, I absolutely love little boys. I must admit, however, when Sunshine gave me two darling dresses, I was pretty excited about a baby girl. I love raising little boys, I could raise all boys, but I do want to have a girl when she's grown. A girl always needs her mom, (but then again so do many boys).

We are all pretty excited. Brett wanted a girl, but now he says he's a little scared, the boys think it's going to be pretty cool to have a baby sister. I won't mention that part of the reason Carter was excited about a girl is because he says there will be another girl to shoot with his Nerf guns, he terrorizes the neighborhood girls by shooting them. We'll try to hold him off until she can fight back. Looks like pink is coming to the Wimmer home, I hope we can handle it.