Monday, February 23, 2009


I love it when we can get the boys on the same team, they enjoy playing together, and it makes it so much easier. This was a fun season at NCSP, Jacob and Carter got to play together, with friends, and they won the division. The last game of the season we were behind by one goal with a team we had beat once and lost to once. Jacob scored a goal with 11 seconds left to tie the game up. We all agreed that a tie was as good as a win! It was nice to squeeze in a quick soccer season before baseball starts.

Friday, February 20, 2009

February Break

Oh how I love that our school district takes a week off in February. It's a special treat to have a vacation in the middle of February. We spent the first part of the week at my sister's house in Thousand Oaks. It is so great to have her only 2 1/2 hours away, an easy get away for myself and my kids. Jacob and Carter cried when we drove away, it's always so hard to leave cousins!

It was cold and rainy for the first few days, so the Paulsons heated up the hot tub for the kids to play in. After playing in the hot tub for awhile all the kids came inside and I went to take a shower. Sam realized he had left his squirt gun in the hot tub and headed back outside to get it. Sam, thinking he can swim, got right in and was sinking and thrashing in the middle of the hot tub. Meanwhile, Stephanie was arguing with Jacob and Emily telling them they needed to go back out to the pool and get the plates of food they left. They wanted to take a shower first and then go get them, but she insisted they go right then because it had started raining. When they got out there Emily spotted Sam and Jacob jumped in and saved him. This whole time I was in the shower assuming everyone was saftely inside. Thank goodness for Stephanie feeling they must go get the plates right then, thank goodness they listened and saved Sam. I was left feeling off the rest of the week. I had such a hard time sleeping, just imagining what if things had turned out differently, what if I didn't have Sam anymore. I know I complain about the trouble he is, but I love that kid so much it kills me. What if I didn't have Sam to boss me around anymore, to sing me songs, and to snuggle with me. I thought of all the moms who situations like this have turned out for the worse. I don't know why I get to keep Sam, but I know I am forever grateful. I have tried to appreciate him more, and not be so bothered by the frusterating things he does. I love him more than anything, I am just grateful he is still here.