Sunday, May 18, 2008

More St. George Pics

Luke, Adam and Sam spent almost an hour in the bath after a long day of hiking and playing in the sand.

Luke and Sam
Kendall, Sam and Daddy

Running down the sand

Sam gnawing on beef jerky after a hike

Jacob taking it easy at the lake

There is just something I love so much about the way Brett and his brothers interact with each other and all the kids. I love seeing Brett's brothers with my kids, my kids adore them, and think they are so funny and so much fun (which they are!) It makes me so happy that Brett is close with his brothers and that they all enjoy being together so much. I wish this relationship for my boys when they are grown. What a great trip!

St. George

I look forward to the Wimmer St. George vacation all year long. It's a dream trip for my kids filled with climbing, hiking, swimming, going to the lake, sand dunes, and all day long playing with their cousins. Nothing could be better. I absolutely LOVE my in-law family. I love being with them and I always know I am in for a good laugh and a great time. It's always hard to leave, but we know we will see them again in the summer.

Playing at the sand dunes

Sam and Adam in their Wally the Green Monster Red Sox shirts. I wonder if there is a family anywhere that has more Red Sox attire than the Wimmers.

Jacob, Cameron and Sadie

Carter, Jacob and Cam at the lake

The first and last matters of business for me included Neilson's Frozen Custard. As we pulled into town we went straight to Cafe Rio and on to Nielson's and last night we finished off the great trip with another visit to Neilson's. Oh how I love that place!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We've had enough!

We are throwing the kids away! Do you think the garbage man will take them or will we get one of those friendly notes on our can explaining why they can't accept what we've put in our can?
The kids love getting in the garbage can when we do yard work to stomp down the branches and weeds. It helps us fit more in! I know someday they will get old enough that they won't think yard work is fun, but for now it's a treat to get to help with yard work. If you've ever seen our yard you know yard work doesn't happen very often at the Wimmer home, but when it does the kids are up for it!

Found it!

I promise, we looked EVERYWHERE this morning. It just turned up it Brett's office, I guess we are really bad lookers!

Brett and the boys had a blast at Fathers and Sons on friday night. I think this is the last year they will get away with leaving Sam at home. Brett said it was great, the boys ran wild and the Dad's had fun too!

Carter got the game ball this weekend at baseball. He hit two doubles and after telling me a few weeks ago that he would NEVER get the game ball, he got it. It was hard having Jacob win it first, but this week was Carter's turn! Brett is growing the beard out for me because it's Mothers Day weekend so I get to call all the shots. Now his hair just needs to grow back a little faster.

Where oh where did Sam put it.....

So I sat down today to blog some pictures of the father/son outing and baseball this weekend, but could not find the memory card adapter that downloads the pictures to the computer. After some unsuccessful looking Brett informed me that he found two other computer adapters that were in the same drawer with the camera adapter in the back yard behind the lawn mower. I wonder who could have put them there????What is it about a mischievous two year old and stealing things? This kid is killing me! I remember one time when Jacob was this age we lost the keys to my car. After hours of searching we found them in Brett's recycling bin....I hope the picture adapter hasn't found the same fate by the hand of Sam. It may be in the land fill by now and long gone. SAM!!!! As John Parmley put it, It's a good thing he's so cute or we would have hit him with a bat by now! We wouldn't have blamed John for hitting him either, Sam was wondering around their house with a bat hitting various objects and people along the way. He is so much trouble!