Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here is a small sample of what we have been doing the last six months, in no paticular order.....

Jacob and Carter love to snuggle Natalie.  She doesn't let them do it very often, she insists on always being in charge and doesn't give in to anything others want her to do.  We need to work on that.  When she does snuggle them, they are oh so very happy!
Natalie and Mason

Jacob has started wearing his helmet while watching TV, trying to get used to it.  The helmet is usually the most uncomfortable part of the uniform for him!  We got him all signed up for PG football and he started last week.

This is how Natalie likes to swing. Brett holds his legs out straight and she lies down on them.  He had to draw the line when the neighbor girls asked to try spider swing with him.

St. George with the Wimmers


Natalie's Birthday

We spent a lot of time at Christie and Ryan's playing football in their nice, big back yard.

Sam's Fifth Birthday!

Jacob's Tenth Birthday!


Our best friend Adam turned 12 this year and came for his first Priesthood session.  We loved having him here!  We didn't want him to go back!

Rex Lee Run

Jacob got to shoot the cannon this year

The boys placed second and third and got ribbons!  No nepotism involved!

Natalie and Sam hanging out in our new back yard. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm not dead....

No I am not dead. I lost my cord that connects my camera to my computer, it's silly but I thought, "what's the point of blogging if I can't post pictures?"  I was just reading through my blog and thinking about how much I love having this journal of sorts.  I need to start again!  I need to find my camera cord, but for now, this will have to do.
Things have sure changed for us in the past six months!  We moved to Utah, bought a house and are expecting our fifth child!  Crazy!  We lived with my sister and her family while we were looking for a house.  It made me realize it's awesome having a sister wife around all the time and as long as we both have our own husbands!  It's the whole husband sharing thing I couldn't handle.  It was great having someone to run errands with, shuttle kids around, make dinner and just hang out with.  The kids loved it too, there was always a friend around.  My sister and her husband were awesome, super welcoming and great to live with.  It's nice to be in our own house, but there are things I will always miss!
Now for the baby thing, apparently IUD's are only 99% effective, and I was one of those 1%.  I was totally shocked since I just don't get pregnant without medical help, yet here I am pregnant with an IUD.  After the initial shock of it all, I must admit I am super excited.  I wanted another baby, and it was nice to have it come so easily for once.  It was weird looking at that pregnancy test in complete shock, I've usually planned for so long and tested so many times, but this time there it was unexpected and dark as can be.  A very strange feeling.  We are having a boy.  I really didn't care what it was because I felt this was my bonus baby.  I would have loved a sister for Natalie, and since I am a little obsessed over her right now, another girl would have been fun.....but what's not to love about another boy?!  This pregnancy has been rough, I feel a little handicapped from my legs and sciatic, but it will all be worth it in the end.
We bought our house in Pleasant Grove.  I never in a million years would have thought I would end up living in Pleasant Grove, but I love it!  I love feeling like I live in a small town.  I love driving around and seeing silos, horses, cows and farms mixed in with neighborhoods.   We weren't necessarily looking in Pleasant Grove, we looked everywhere.  If I never look at another house it will be too soon, I was seriously so sick of looking at houses.  We had almost decided to go ahead and build when we found this house.  An added bonus of PG is having two of Brett's brothers and their families here in PG, another brother in Orem, my brothers in Lindon and Alpine, and my sister in Orem. We LOVE living close to them!  I just need to get my sister in Bountiful down here!
The kids are happy and are starting to make friends.  That is my number one priority, if they are happy I will be too.  I just want to enjoy the rest of the summer and then figure out the rest!  I love living around family, but miss my friends and my life in San Diego.