Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Everything was going great with Easter until it was time to take a family picture. Suddenly Carter was mad because the sun was too bright, Sam was running away from us (as always), and our neighbors cat wouldn't leave us alone. All I wanted for Easter was one picture with my family in our Easter clothes-is that so much to ask? I don't think so.
The kids had fun as always coloring eggs and hunting for the ones the bunny hid. I don't know how many more years Jacob will believe in the Easter Bunny, but I am savoring every moment. They are so serious about it as they leave carrots and lettuce for him, write him a note of thanks and Easter wishes, and go to sleep early as to not disrupt the bunny. I wish I could freeze Jacob and Carter and not let them get any older. Notice I didn't mention I want to freeze Sam? I love the kid but he's killing me! I want him to hurry and be four!
Happy Easter everyone! Next to Christmas this has got to be my favorite holiday. Maybe it's the robin eggs and peanut butter eggs or maybe it's the fact that we celebrate our Savior on these two holidays. Let's go with the latter, it makes me seem like a deeper person!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sam is TWO!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY! Our baby is two!

Sam got everything he ever could wish for on his second birthday! A wagon, baseball machine, caterpillar bike, cake and's good to be two. I took him to get his two year old pictures taken and they told us there was an hour wait. So we went to shop around Target next door and of course Sam ran right into an end cap and got a HUGE red bruise on his forehead. I thought about postponing the pictures, but then figured it would give a more accurate description of Sam for him to have a bruise then not have a bruise, so we went ahead with the pictures. He cried during most of them, I think he just likes to frustrate me, but we did get one cute one. We love you Sammy. We love the way you speak about yourself in third person, the way you think you can do everything your older brothers can do, the way you love Lightning and Mader, Thomas and balls, we love your determination even if it drives us crazy, and we love your laugh. Thanks for spicing up our lives!


Hanging out at Lovers Beach was a huge highlight on our trip. Notice John sneaking into our picture. He did this to everyone, even random groups of people we didn't know. Can we see the Johnny Cash robot again John? Thanks for keeping us laughing!


We just got back from a four day cruise with great friends! I don't think we could have had a better time. Karaoke, dancing the night away, 24 hour ice cream machine, Cabo, Lovers Beach, Scum, laying in the sun, time to read, chat, rest....the fun didn't end.

Brett was a little sick the first night we got on the boat, so we all congregated in our room and had a little fun with him while he was napping. Chicken laid down with him for a quick snooze before heading back out to party. How sweet! We were all laughing so hard when Laura pretended to stick her tongue in Brett's ear! Thanks for the laughs!

Heading out for dinner. The best part about dinner on a cruise is you don't have to choose what to order, you can order it all! Notice we got Brett in a suit, yes it's true for the first time in 10 years Brett wore a suit.

Thanks to Ashley for keeping the kids happy and well at home! They had a great time too!