Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Back!

I know it's been a while, and I don't have any pictures to post because I forgot my camera over spring break. I considered giving up blogging all together for various reasons; it takes a lot of time, it's a little superfluous to my scrap booking, I don't know if I want random people looking in on my life etc...But my friend Michelle told me she found a way to save my blog to my desktop so I'll have it forever, so I figured it was worth continuing. I want my blog to have as a journal of sort and now I see it can be that. Hooray!
We had a great spring break in Vegas with my sister Wendy and her kids and then at Disneyland with my sister Stephanie and her kids. The kids ran wild, played hard, stayed up late and enjoyed every moment of their week off school. I enjoyed myself as well and it made me excited for summer. I discovered Red Mango while in Vegas and my sister and I went everyday. We managed to make it to Golden Spoon or Red Mango at least once a day (yes there were days when we went more than once). For those of you who haven't tried Red Mango it's a delicious tart frozen yogurt with many topping choices. My favorite was granola, coconut, strawberry, almond. But be ware, I spent $18 one afternoon on yogurt for my sister and me. Ouch! Grantid we got larges with four toppings, but still! Lucky for me my sister has kids of babysitting age so we were able to take some time to go to the mall, out to lunch etc... It was a great trip! Disneyland was as fun as ever too. Thanks for the fun week everyone!
Last night for family home evening we went to the park and played baseball. It was seriously SO MUCH FUN! I wish I had brought my camera. Brett is coaching Jacob and Carter in T-ball this season, it is so great to have them on the same team. I told Brett last night that is exactly why I want one more boy, we were having the best time playing with the boys. We do boys, we have fun with boys, what would I do with a girl? He thinks it would be great to have a girl, either way is great, but I am totally set on a fourth boy. (Just so everyone knows, this is not an announcement, I just know we are going to have a fourth, I am not pregnant or anything.) I know I'll be perfectly happy if we were to have a girl, but I am glad that I know I would be thrilled to have another boy too. Growing up I never would have thought I would become a boy mom, but that's what I am a total boy mom!
I'll get more pictures soon, hopefully I'll remember my camera for our baseball game on Saturday. I love the boys in their uniforms!