Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time to Celebrate!!

Some people celebrate getting a job, we celebrate quitting one. Brett and his business partner sold their business about five months ago, and Brett stayed on to work for the new owner. We were warned that the transition often proves too difficult, this turned out to be the case. Brett quit last week, and we headed to Disneyland for a day of family celebration. It was a wonderful day as always, oh how we love Disneyland!

My Tower of Terror buddy, no one, including Brett, will join me on Tower of Terror except for Jacob. Thank you Jacob! Now we just have to get him on Screamin!

We call it the Magical Thumb, and it really is.. I don't think Natalie cried all day long thanks to the Magical Thumb!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I feel like I have a live doll. I never had this much fun dressing my boys for church-I love it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Glue?

I knew it would happen eventually, I just thought she'd be a little older. Natalie has learned to pull her bow off. She figured out how to do it accidentally, now I think she's doing it on purpose. I don't like this game, she pulls it off, I put it back on, she pulls it off, I put it back on.....this can go on for quite some time. She likes to suck on it, I am not amused. Do you think it would be wrong to try super glue?

I do, however, like that she has learned to push herself on her swing. See how she has her foot on the bottom bar? She rocks herself back and forth, who needs batteries?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bitter Sweet

It's the first day of school today
All the kids are on their way
with smiling faces, they're ready to go
It's the first day of school today!

This is the song we sing to the kids every year on the first day of school, they prefer the version where "first day" is replaced by "last day", but we sing it anyway. It's the best Brett can remember of a song his mom used to sing to them on the first day of school. Seeing as Brett's mom was in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and I am well known in my family to be tone deaf, I am sure it sounded mildly better when she sang it. My poor kids, I sing anyway!

Carter is in his second year of PEPP, a two year kindergarten program for fall birthdays. He was happy and comfortable as can be back in his same classroom, same teacher, same friends. It will be a great year for Carter!

Jacob was a little sad to start school, ok a lot sad. He doesn't do well with summer ending. The pain was made a little lighter by having two of his best friends in his third grade class this year. Bryce and Christian will make the year much brighter!

So I am a little late, just pretend I am writing this on August 20th. The first day of school is always a little bitter sweet for me. Summer is over, I no longer get to be fun mom, doing fun things with my kids everyday. My kids are now one grade older, one grade closer to leaving me. I love summer, I love hanging out with my kids all day long, I love being fun mom. Goodbye summer.

I am not saying there will not be bonuses to school starting. One in particular will be the start of preschool for my Sam August 26th. I love this kid dearly, but he drives my nerves crazy all day long. I cannot say it won't be good for us to have a few hours apart three days a week. I love you Sam, I will love you more by having a little break from you!

Sam was the most excited about the playground! Gotta love preschool!