Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I tired.....I failed

!Getting ready for my new favorite ride: Toy Story

Gotta love the dye they use for cupcake frosting!

Happy Birthday Caroline!

I can admit when I fail at something, and apparently staying away from Disneyland is something I just cannot do. How could I resist two sisters and a niece meeting at Disneyland with their kids for the day? Not me. I thought I would wait until after the baby was a little bit older before I renewed my passes again and headed back up to Disneyland, I guess I was wrong. My oldest sister Diana came to visit her daughter Ashley and son Eli, Stephanie decided this would make a perfect birthday party for Caroline, and I wanted to see them all! I am glad I decided not to wait. Though I wouldn't suggest walking around Disneyland for 10 hours in 80 degree weather when you are eight months pregnant, if it involves my kids enjoying time with their cousins, and me with my sisters and nieces, it's well worth it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Papa and Jacob

Jacob and Brett's dad, Papa, have always had a very special relationship. One thing they share is their love for rocks. This year the second grade studied rocks, and Papa and Grandma were able to go on Jacob's field trip with him and do a rock presentation for his class. Papa was a geology major, but then switched to Economics. He may not have pursued a career in geology, but it is still his passion. We were so glad he could do this for Jacob.

(I just got these pictures back from Jacob's teacher, I of course forgot my camera. The field trip and presentation actually took place the week of Jacob's baptism.)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!

Yes, I am one of those pathetic pregnant women who gains 50 pounds during pregnancy. I do it every time, and with a year and a lot of work I take it off. I am sure I could keep the weight down a bit, but what would be the fun in that? I love being pregnant during all the important food seasons; Thanksgiving, Christmas, girl trip, Easter, and of course girl scout cookie time. Besides the disappointment of them not selling All Abouts this year, it has been a good girl scout cookie March. I remember selling the cookies as a little girl, I never went door to door around the neighborhood, just door to door around my house. Each of my siblings chose a box or two, my parents did the same, I collected a check from my mom, and I was finished. I'm not much of a sales girl, but I do love these cookies!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Not a single day goes by that I don't think about and miss my dad. Thirteen years ago on March 11 he passed away, for me March 11 is always a very emotional day.

My dad was truly one of a kind. He was smart and witty, unassuming and funny. He was the perfect match for my mom, and the greatest dad a girl could have. I remember countless hours in our basement with him playing Annie with my little sister and me. He was always Sandy the dog, and he gave the best performance panting and barking away. We would sing and dance around him as he sat there playing dog. He also loved to turn music on and dance around with us. Our favorite game was "run around daddy". I think he played this one on nights he was tired, he would lie on the floor and we would run around him. From time to time he would grab us and tickle us until we had tears running down our faces. Every night after a long day at work I remember him asking my mom what he could do to help, she usually replied, "play with the kids," and that's what he did.

My mom used to make me go to his supreme court cases when we lived in Virginia. I remember thinking they were terribly boring, but how happy I am now that she made us go. I have memories of my dad arguing important cases at the United States Supreme Court, and from time to time even making the Justices laugh. He could always make people laugh. They called him Huck Finn in a morning coat, he was always just a small town boy at heart.

My dad got cancer for the first time when I was in sixth grade. My parents went to Maryland for what they thought would be a few weeks of treatments, but ended up staying for almost five months. During this time my dad argued another case at the supreme court with a wig on his head, oxygen tank on hand, and a nurse close by. My mom would read his briefs to him sitting on the foot of his hospital bead. Many times she thought he had fallen asleep and would stop reading. As soon as she would stop he would tell her to go back to paragraph five second sentence over and re read that part. His body was failing him, but his mind was as sharp as ever. We knew our prayers had been answered when my dad's cancer went into remission, the doctors didn't think he would make it. We feel lucky that we had an extra 8 years with him. Heavenly Father still had more for him to do on this earth.

Not long after his remission, my dad was asked to be the President of BYU. For the remainder of his life BYU was his passion, he still argued a few cases, and did a little work for his law firm, but for the most part he was committed to BYU. It became a family affair, all of us spending time going to various BYU sporting events and activities. My parents were extremely involved traveling, hosting visitors, giving devotionals and participating in all BYU events. My dad stepped down as President just 2 1/2 months before he passed away.

My dad expected a lot of his kids, and we hated to disappoint him. In our family we always knew the two most important things were the Gospel and school. He was always ready to help us with school in any way he could. We all knew not going to college was not an option, and though sometimes I didn't want to finish, I am grateful to him for setting that expectation and for making it possible.

Though it breaks my heart that my dad was never here to be a part of my kids lives, I am grateful he got to know Brett. My dad and Brett's dad went to Boy's State together as small town Arizona high school students, lived in the dorms together, and double dated together. After their missions and getting married our parents lived in the same apartment building in Chicago while my dad was in Law School and Brett's dad was getting his PhD in economics. My mom cried the first time Brett came over to the house, he looked just like his mother, her good friend Louise, who had passed away about 10 years before I met Brett. Every time Brett was over my dad would yell from wherever he was in the house, "who invited Larry Wimmer over?" Brett and his dad do sound just alike. When we would all get together our dad's acted like kids, talking about girls they dated, things they used to do. We loved it. My dad loved Brett, and though I was young he told me he knew Brett was the right one for me. He told me it was the person who mattered, not the age. It means a lot to me to know how much my dad loved Brett.

On March 11, 1996, all seven children and my mom stood around his hospital bed as he passed from this life to the next. We all took a turn telling him what we loved the most about him, and then he left us. The pain of that day is different, but still present today. It is not as sharp, but just as painful. I think often of all the things my kids are missing by not having him here, of how different our lives are because he is not here to be a part of them. I didn't have kids yet when he died, and he was such a fun grandpa to the ones who were here. It saddens me to know my kids will never get to know his humor, his love, and that he doesn't know me as a mom. I like to think he gets to look in every now and then. Every time right before I have a baby I turn to Brett and ask him if his mom and my dad are saying their goodbyes, I believe they are.

I miss my dad every day. I miss him for the grandpa my kids will never know on this earth, I miss him for my mom, I miss him for by siblings, and I miss him for myself. He gave me my love for roller coasters, good food, ice cream, laughing, BYU and running. He loved my mom more than anything in the world, and taught me by example how to be a good spouse and parent. I am grateful I had such a wonderful Dad, I only wish we could have kept him around longer, but those things aren't up to us. I love you Dad!

Jacob's Baptism

Jacob has been so excited to get baptized, and this day turned out to be everything he had hoped for. Papa and Grandma came from Utah, the Paulson's drove down from Newbury Park, and many friends came to be a part of this special day. Nana couldn't work out her temple schedule to be here, which killed her, but we understand. When it was Jacob's turn to get baptized he literally jumped out of his seat he was so excited. Dad babptized him and then Papa Wimmer confirmed him. He and Papa have always had a very special relationship, so it was very nice that he was able to confirm him. I can't help but think that my dad and Brett's mom are allowed a peak down on imporant days like this. I believe it, and no one can tell me otherwise.

Carter had a really hard time at the baptism. He started crying right before because he wanted to get baptized. He has such a hard time being the younger brother! I kept assuring him he was the next one in the family, but it didn't seem to help lessen the pain.

Sam was his typical self during the baptism. It's hard enough making it through a church meeting with him, but being in the chapel while nothing is going on is particularly rough for him. He kept running up to the pulpit trying to talk in the microphone. Gotta love this kid!

It was great having our Paulson cousins with us for Jacob's baptism. I just love the relationship Emily and Jacob have, there is something so sweet about a girl and boy cousin who love eachother so much.

Papa and Grandma were able to be with us for a few days before the baptism too. They got to attend baseball games, plant flowers in our yard, go on a field trip with Jacob, and do a rock presentation in Jacob's class. I think they will need a vacation after this one, but it was nice for us to have them here.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy Time!

It's been rough for Carter ever since Jacob lost his first tooth about two years ago. The anticipation of when the tooth fairy might come for him has just been too much. Finally after wiggling and eventually a very tough pull by Dad, the tooth came out. He couldn't have been any happier. It came out first thing in the morning and all he could talk about all day long was going to bed. For the first time in his life the kid showered, brushed his teeth, said his prayers, and got into bed before I even asked him to. Typically it takes about 100 times of my asking before any of these things happen. That's one happy kid!
It's been rough for Carter ever since Jacob lost his first tooth, finally it's Carter's turn!

Baseball and Birthdays

The season has started and so far so good for everyone. Jacob was reluctant to play baseball this year, but Brett wanted him to have one "real" year of baseball. He has played three seasons of T-ball, which apparently isn't "real" baseball. So, we told him he has to play this year, and then next year he gets to decide if he continues on. So far he is loving it, so good call by Dad. Once again, despite Brett's efforts, neither boy is on the Red Sox. One of these years Brett.

From February 4-March 1 we are filled with birthdays. Jacob, Brett and Sam all have their birthdays during this time. Jacob chose a crazy sleep over this year. They stayed up until 1:30 am and were awake again by 5:00. Why do we do it? Because my parents did it for me. It was the best birthday party he ever had, and he wants the exact same party next year. Oh boy.

Sam's birthday. His two favorite presents were his talking Lighning Mcqeen and the reversable Superman/Batman cape Sunshine made him. The only hard part is deciding weather or not you are in a Superman or Batman mood. I have never had a boy into wearing a cape before so I am loving it. I think it is the cutest thing ever, even when he wore it to Target the other day.