Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Pictures

I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going mom in most ways, but I am a family picture nightmare mom.  At least I am willing to admit it.  I tell my kids it's because I am going to miss these days so much, and I want to document their cute little faces while they are in this phase of life. I tell them some day many years from now when they are all grown and gone I will sit and look at these pictures and cry because I miss them and want them to be little again. They laugh at me and tell me I won't miss all of it, I won't miss how Sam screams at me or when they wrestle and hurt each other.  I tell them I most certainly will, I will miss all of it.  Family pictures are very important to me, I just want everything to be perfect.  I want everyone to smile and be happy, and if it means I have to bribe and scream in some cases to get it, I will do it!

The day of family pictures this year came, the clothes were ironed and hanging in the closet, we were all ready, and I was ready to have them over with.  When Carter woke up his entire face was swollen, another side effect from the terrible baseball accident that knocked his front tooth out in May.  The tooth was infected, and he looked like one of the characters from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  I wanted to cry, I really wanted to get these pictures over with.  I wanted to stop stressing about them and just be done with it!  We got Carter on an antibiotic, loaded him up with Motrin, and got the swelling down enough to do the pictures.  If you look you can tell he doesn't quite look like Carter, but it was good enough.  We did the pictures, they are over, and everyone is happy!