Friday, November 20, 2009


Brett told me Natalie didn't need a Halloween costume this year, she could just wear any of her church dresses and be some sort of princess. Silly, silly man. Instead he was sent downtown to Horton Plaza to get the last 6-12 month sparkle fairy flower from Gymboree. Thanks Brett, it was well worth it!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Natalie is forming a love for her mothers favorite condiment at a young age. I think people assume I am over exaggerating when I say I go through an entire bottle of butter spray a week, thank goodness for the new larger bottle! I still remember when butter spray came into my life, I was a freshman in college, my sister and I bought a bottle and put it on just about everything we could imagine when we got it home. Rice, bread, cereal, pasta, veggies, we were hooked right away. I love the stuff!