Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Ranch, The Election and Utah


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The fishing gang. It's amazing how many hours these guys could spend at the lake!

Carter stuck by Dad for fishing, he learned he caught more when he stayed just with Dad!

There is no place like the ranch! It's a kids paradise filled with swimming, fishing, cliff jumping, shooting, snake/frog catching, canoeing, and playing with cousins all day and night. The parents have a pretty great time too talking late into the night, eating, sitting out at the pool and watching the kids have fun. These memories will last forever!


The Tuesday after returning to Utah from the ranch, my brother Michael had his Senate election. It was honestly one of the most fun nights of my entire life! During the day we went and held signs at 106th South. Jacob and Carter loved it, and got very excited and involved yelling at every car to vote for Mike Lee. Sam, however, did not have such a great time. I know the pictures are small, but if you look close you can see that Sam cried the entire time. He was hot, then he was hungry, then he was thirsty....it was rough for our Sam.
That night we went to the election party, luckily we were ahead the whole night, but just barely which made it so exciting and fun. We danced, screamed, cheered and celebrated with my brother. I am so proud of him, so happy for him, I know he will represent Utah well. He of course has to win in November, but Utah has not elected a democrat senator since 1970, so his chances are very good. I only wish my dad could have been there, I hope he was able to have a glimpse.
The next day my oldest brother, Tom, was put in as a justice in the Utah Supreme Court. It was once again a very proud day, and once again I wish my dad could have been there. I missed him so very much over these two days. He would be so proud of his sons, and they would have loved to have him there with them. I know he knows what they are doing, and he is happy for them!
We stayed nearly the whole night right by the big screens which published the election results!

Brett, Steve and Ryan tried to calculate stats all night and predict what would happen next

I was a looser with my camera this trip. I didn't take any pictures of our time in Utah. We had a wonderful time with our Wimmer side too. Grandpa took the kids out to the desert to look for rocks, which is always so fun for them. Eric and Laurie were fabulous hosts letting us take over their house and showing us such a great time. It's so nice to have cousins our kids love so much, and a brother and sister in law that we love so much! Natalie still wants to know where Mollie dog is and Jacob, Carter and Sam want their friends back!

It was a wonderful two weeks!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Ever since I was a little girl I remember my brother Michael talking about how he would one day run for the US Senate and make a difference in our world. As a child I enjoyed listening to all the things he wanted to do to make a better world for us, for our children. Now he really is doing it, he is running for the Senate. My brother Michael is truly the most honest, hard working, and genuine person I know. I believe that politics will not ruin him, he will not fall victim to the smut that sometimes goes on in congress. Michael will work tirelessly to keep the promises he has made, he will remain honest in all he does. I know I am biased because I am his sister, but it really is true!

SO-to anyone out there who is a registered republican in Utah, PLEASE go cast the vote that I cannot for my brother. I wish I was a Utah voter right now, instead I am stuck voting in California where we elect people like Nancy Pelosi. PLEASE PLEASE go vote for Mike Lee on Tuesday, June 22. Get your family and friends to get out and vote too, the more the merrier! Thank you!