Sunday, November 30, 2008


This year we headed to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my sister in her new house. I always feel better when one of my siblings moves after I see their house and new surroundings. I like to be able to picture where they are when I think about them. She has such a great house, neighborhood, and area. We had fun swimming in her pool, going out to dinner, playing with cousins and just being together. I've said it before, I just love the cousin relationships. I grew up going to Mesa every summer to visit my cousins, it was truly the highlight of my year. I looked forward to my two weeks in Arizona every year so much, I love seeing my kids get as excited as I did when I was younger. My sister even took us to drive by my cousins old house and see all the fun places we used to go together. I wonder if my kids will someday do the same......

It was pretty cold in Arizona, but that didn't stop the kids from swimming!

Brett getting some sun while Sam throws rocks in the pool.

Cousin bath time

Huddled around an intense DS game

The cousins together on Thanksgiving morning

My sister is an out to eat Thanksgiving girl. We went up to Payson and ate at The Rim Golf Club. They had a big buffet and the kids thought it was fun picking out their food, they especially liked the Shirley Temples they kept ordering.

They were smart to put our group in a private room, we can be a bit noisy.

Sam liked the free toothbrushes in the bathrooms

Golf cart rides around the neighborhood were fun morning and night! Just remember it's not a good idea to send a two year old on a golf cart with a 13 year old driver!

The Mesa Temple does an unbelievable Christmas lights display. The kids loved seeing the lights, watching the Luke II movie, and seeing the Chirstus.
My parents were married in this temple almost 50 years ago. We loved taking our kids there and telling them about when Nana and Grandpa Rex were married.

We truly had a great week, my sister and her husband are the perfect hosts. Our husbands even decided we needed a sister day on Saturday, so they planned a day with the kids and sent us out to lunch and shopping. I am grateful for my wonderful family this and every Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicken is 40!!

One of my dearest friends in the world has hit the big 4-0. She looks fabulous, so I say be proud! I met her 7 1/2 years ago and I have been laughing, eating, and partying it up with her ever since. This is a girl to love, she threw an unbelievable party, filled with friends, food, dancing and singing (thanks to Rock Band).

Many years ago Brett gave her the nick name of Chicken. It started as Chicken Parmigiana, but was soon shortened to Chicken. We all call her Chicken, or The Chicken, even our kids. It was quite funny, or maybe a little inappropriate when she was the Primary President and several of the primary kids called her "Sister Chicken." At least they had the respect to add Sister to it.

We all love The Chicken. Brett loves to tease her because she always falls for it. I like to party with her because she makes everything more fun. I love that she is always willing to help me solve all my problems. My kids love to play at her HUGE house. We are all grateful to have Elizabeth in our lives!

Gotta love the candy bar!

Yes, we made her blow out all 40 candles!

Some of the girls-I think the guys are all singing away! (Except Brett who is chatting it up in the back yard.)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Jacob wants to be an animal every year, last year we lucked out with a size 5/6 monkey we were able to squeeze him into. Hard to imagine, but they really only make animal costumes in toddler sizes...hmmm...maybe this should tell us something, most seven year olds don't want to dress up like a chicken, penguin or pig. We settled on a banana this year, at least it's the food of an animal, we'll deal with next year when it comes.

Classic Sam face, how can he be grumpy on Halloween, don't worry he cheered up as soon as people starting filling his bag with candy

Luckily Halloween was on a Friday this year, allowing us to have a fun sleepover with lots of candy eating!

As a side note, my little sister is having a boy. As soon as she told me I thought, oh good now we will have the same thing. I am still pretty sure I am having a boy, it will be great to have a close cousin!