Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sam's latest obsession

Each time I have a new baby the next oldest child has displayed some type of interesting behavior. I have never had problems with them trying to harm the baby or act out towards the baby, they have always loved the new baby. I have simply noticed a strange change in behavior not necessarily directed toward the baby. Jacob needed to be held everytime he drank his milk after Carter was born, Carter started pooping his pants after being potty trained for three month once Sam was born. Sam's new obsession has been the most intersting of all, but what else would I expect from Sam. He has his own baby, his baby Lola. He calls her his baby, carries her around everywhere with him, and cuddles and kisses her. When Brett is holding Natalie he says, "oh Daddy you are holding your baby and I am holding my baby." When I was giving Natalie a bath the other day he went and got Lola and gave her a bath too. He told me, "Mommy you gave your baby a bath and I gave my baby a bath." Poor Lola, she is so patient with him when he sqeezes her a little too tight or lies on top of her while snuggling her a little too much. I just hope she makes it through the summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It has been declared....

Today was declared as the best day of summer so far. I am not sure that is saying much since school just got out on Thursday, but I do believe this will stay as one of their favorite days of summer. What could be better than Disneyland with Ashley and Eli, their best buddy Adam, and the Mendenhalls? Nothing I say.

Natalie was such a trooper, she spent her day split between the stroller and Baby Bjorn. I think her first trip to Disneyland was a success!

Sam and Eli can cause some serious trouble together!

Abby is going to marry Carson.....or Dallin......maybe she can at least save a date for Sam.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memorial Day

Does anyone else feel like I am about two weeks late on my blog posts lately? Hmmmm. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love having the Paulsons live close enough for a weekend trip together. We had a blast hanging out with them over memorial day. We enjoyed lots of DS playing, swimming, BBQing, and having fun together. Having four girls fighting over whose turn it was to hold Natalie was an added bonus for me. Thanks Paulson's, we love you!

This picture of Jacob and Natalie is sure to be a favorite forever. So sweet, he just loves his little sister so much.