Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cousins at Disneyland

There is nothing better than cousins at Disneyland, so when our Arizona cousins got a week off and headed to Disneyland, we had no choice but to go too! Luckily all our California cousins met us there as well and a party was had by all.
The one down side of the day was Sam getting lost for nearly a half hour. He must have nine lives this year, first he almost drown and now this. I went on Screamin with Jacob and sent the three other kids with Brett to the animation drawing. AFTER the drawing session was over my niece asked Brett where Sam was and Brett realized he never brought him into the drawing session. A very unconcerned Brett went and asked where they take lost children, and sure enough found Sam waiting for him at the tortilla factory. I found all this out after Sam was found safe and sound. I was a little freaked, but Brett told me Disneyland is the safest place to loose a kid. I beg to differ Brett, but he is sticking with it. On the drive home we always ask the kids there favorite part of the day, Sam told us his worst part was when he couldn't find his daddy. Poor Sam!
We did have a fabulous time and love nothing more than spending time with our cousins, and when it includes Disneyland-even better!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Day wih Sammy the Wimmer

Sunshine and I decided to take Jack and Sam to Disneyland for the day while the older kids were in school. There was a little backlash, mostly from Carter, but I explained that I got to do fun things with them all the time when they were little. I took Jacob and Carter to Sea World and the Zoo all the time when they were Sam's age and there were no older kids to worry about getting to school. It was Sam's turn, and Sam's day. I love spending time with this kid when he's nice and in a good mood. So my Sammy the Wimmer, as his best buddy Jack calls him, or Sammy the Sloth, Sammy the Snake or Sammy the Seal as we like to call him, thanks for a great day! Let's do it again sometime!

As a side note while we are talking about Sam, it still shocks me how sweet he is to Natalie. It's so opposite of his personality. Here is this person taking time and attention away from him without giving anything back to him, and he is absolutely crazy about her. He has never in her life said or done one unkind thing to her. In fact, it's the opposite. He kisses her and calls her his princess. He can't stand for her to be sad and he tries to make it better. Maybe there is hope for him after all!

Pumpkin Patch

Going to Bates Nut Farm with the Birds is one of our favorite fall traditions. It hasn't worked out for us the past two years due to fires and football, but this year we were determined to make it work. We found a Saturday when our games would end by noon and we headed up as soon as we got home. I love fall and even though it was hot and didn't feel very "fallish," we got in the spirit of fall being at our favorite pumpkin patch with some of our favorite people!

Game Ball!

Carter got the aggressive player game ball today for an important flag pull-good job Carter!

Jacob got the game ball two weeks ago for making a touchdown saving tackle-way to go Jacob!