Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nana Comes to Visit!

Everyone is happy when Nana is here. I am happy because I have my mom here to talk to, go walking with, take me shopping, take us out to lunch and dinner, play with my kids etc....The kids are happy because she caters to their every desire. She plays endless games with them, tells the best bedtime stories, gives the best baths (seriously for weeks after she leaves the boys ask us to do the bath like Nana does, we can never get it right, we are not quite sure what kind of magic she puts in the bath), take them on walks and buy them toys. Sam loves bossing Nana around because she will do whatever he asks. He always bosses me around, but I am not always as obliging as she is. She seriously does whatever he tells her too. Brett is happy because the rest of us are! She is so easy to have around, we all love her so much. When I watch my mom with my kids I am reminded of what a great mom she was. She had seven children and still always had time to build a fort, play dolls, listen, talk, tell stories, take us places and spend time with us. I always knew my mom loved being a mom, I always knew she loved us, I always knew she was doing exactly what she wanted to be doing by being with us. I hope my kids feel that from me. Anyway-here are pictures of some of the fun things we did while she was here.

The carousel at Sea Port Village. Sea Port Village holds special significance for my mom and me because growing up we used to come to San Diego every year when BYU played in the Holiday Bowl. We always stayed in the Marriot right on the harbor and walked over to Sea Port Village every day. I feel a little piece of my dad when we are there and a little bit like a kid again.

View of Coronado and the boats

Carter loved the Parrot Man at Sea Port Village. Sam was a little leery of him, but Carter was loving it!

This is how my boys fell asleep every night while Nana was here. She would climb in the bottom bunk with both of them, tell stories and let them smother her. They were in heaven! The last night she was here she even slept down there with them. I am sure she had a fabulous night sleep!
It was so hard to let Nana leave. Sam screamed for at least twenty minutes that he needed his Nana. Jacob told me he had a hard time at his football game because he knew Nana was leaving and he wouldn't be able to play with her anymore. Carter told me we need to go to Nana's house soon, he missed her too much. Sam woke up this morning still asking for her. Maybe we can get her to move in! She is starting her three year calling as "Matron" (she hates that title, she thinks it makes her sound old) of the Jordan River Temple next month. She and her husband are going to be President and Matron of the temple. I am sure it will be a great experience, but she is going to be busy, and that is hard for us. She promises she can still come visit and will be available some of the time when we go there, but it will still be hard. I am very selfish with my mom, I know it's not a good quality, but I can't help it. Maybe if she weren't so wonderful I wouldn't feel that way. It's her fault I like her so much! I am grateful for this trip we had and I know my kids will always remember it. Thanks Mom, we love you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bowling Ball Aspirations

This is the conversation Carter and I had when I was tucking him in bed on Saturday night:

Carter: Mom I would make a really great bowling ball.
Me: Really why is that Carter?
Carter: Because I could just roll up in a ball and you could roll me down and I could move around so I would be sure to knock down all the pins.
Me: Carter you are right, you would be a great bowling ball!

What a weird kid!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

With three boys, I knew the day would come when we would have conflicting games and Brett and I would have to split up. Well today it began. Carter's soccer season started today at 11:30, and Jacob had football at 12:00. I was sad to miss Jacob's game, but I know this is only the beginning for us. Carter prayed last night that he would score at least one goal in every game. I tried to tell him it doesn't really matter if he scores a goal, it's all about playing your best and working as a team...blah, blah blah....but prayers are answered and he scored a goal. Way to go Carter! Brett said Jacob's game was one of the best yet. He got the game ball for most valuable player (so sad I missed that!) Brett has labeled this day as a good day for the Wimmers!


Today my little sister Christie turns 30. She's been a part of my life since I can remember, and I am better off because of it. She is not only my sister, she is my best friend. We played constantly when we were little, we loved being in high school and cheering together, she was a very fun third wheel for Brett and me when we were dating and first married, and now we get to share raising our kids together. She is one of the kindest most selfless people I know, always thinking of other people, and she is so much fun! It's weird when the youngest child in your family turns 30, we are all getting so old! I love you Christie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding Bells!

Last weekend my niece Chelsea got married in the Salt Lake Temple, and I was lucky enough to attend. Might I add that I went without my kids, as did my other sisters, so we had a wedding and a bit of a sister party too. It was weird being at my mom's house without all of our kids, it seemed so quiet and we were actually able to get ready and go somewhere without managing what seems like hundreds of kids. Anyway, it was such a wonderful experience to go to a wedding for a niece who has been part of your life since you were little. I remember well the morning of March 31, 1987, I was in the sixth grade and my sister Diana called to tell me I had another niece. I was so excited and could hardly make it through the day at school until I got to go see her at the hospital. There is nothing better for a twelve year old girl than having a live baby doll around to hold and play with. My very unprotective sister let me carry her around the mall when she was only 48 hours old (hmmm, I wonder where I get it from). Chelsea gave us hours of entertainment; the kitty on the hanger, Ikers eating the butterfly, Rella pretty, had many nicknames, Mogli, baby lotion, baby Shamu, Man Cub....I loved her like was she a cutie. My two other sisters and I fought over who got to babysit her, I didn't know how good Diana had it. I can't believe she's all grown up and married.
It was a beautiful day from the ceremony performed by Brittan's mission president, to the reception in my brothers amazing back yard. My very talented sister made Chelsea's wedding dress, her own wedding suit for the ceremony, and all the bridesmaid skirts. How I wish I could sew like her! The day was perfect, a perfect beginning.
I love you Chelsea and we are so happy for you! (By the way Ash, I totally stole this picture from your blog, I forgot to bring my camera to the wedding and Wendy doesn't know how to send the pictures to me.)