Monday, September 6, 2010

The Never Ending Birthday Celebration!

What could be better than a birthday spent at Disneyland?  It seems to us that Carter has been celebrating his birthday now for about a month.  He had a birthday party at the park, two sleep overs with friends, a birthday dinner, family party, and we spent his actual birthday at Disneyland with the Paulsons and Burrs.  What could be better!  We love you Carter!  I would say we can't believe you are seven, but you have acted seven for almost a year now so it seems about right.  We love your craziness, we love your zest for life, and we love your sense of humor.  We hope you never outgrow it!


Oh how we love a good camping trip.  We don't get much sleep, but the kids absolutely love it.  I'm so glad Laura brought her 95 pound baby to sit on her lap around the camp fire. 

Sam's Sleeping Habits

After we put Sam to bed at night he often roams around.  It may be because he takes a three hour nap pretty much every afternoon, and he's not quit ready for bed when Jacob and Carter are.  He usually heads down to the kitchen for an apple, goes to the bathroom, gets a drink....he usually goes back to his bed but sometimes we find him the next morning in an unusual spot.  These are two of my favorites.

Sunday, September 5, 2010